Salads Menu

House Salad

31. House Salad

Mixed fresh green vegetable, tomato, with house dressing.


Beef Salad

32. Beef Salad

Spicy sour house dressing with grilled beef, cucumber, tomato, onions, on a bed of lettuce.


Seafood Salad

33. Seafood Salad

Spicy sour house dressing with boiled assorted seafood and onions.


Spicy Chicken Salad

34. Spicy Chicken Salad

Grounded chicken with lim juice, onion, ground chili, and rice powder.


Papaya Salad

35. Papaya Salad

Green papaya mixed with spicy lime dressing. Topped with peanut.


Squid Salad

36. Squid Salad

Steamed squid with spicy lime dressing and vegetable.


Glass Noodle Salad

37. Glass Noodle Salad

Glass noodle with shrimp, squid, ground pork, onions mixed with chili lime dressing.